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  1. The NOC system has changed as of November 16, 2022. If you have not submitted your community recommendation application, your application must include the new NOC 2021 codes.
  2. Intake of Applications has resumed: find the Intake Period Schedule HERE

Applicants (Job Seekers)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in coming to Moose Jaw! Please review the information below and follow the steps carefully. For general information on the pilot, please visit Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) RNIP website.

The following people may apply to RNIP if they meet the RNIP federal eligibility criteria and Moose Jaw’s Community Criteria.

  • You are currently a temporary resident, employed and living in Moose Jaw… Ask your employer to contact the Program Coordinator to begin the process. Then, follow steps 3-9 below.
  • You do not live or work in Moose Jaw… Follow all the steps
  • You are a recent graduate from a two-year program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Moose Jaw… Follow all steps below.


  1. Find a job in Moose Jaw, SK, as defined by the Ministerial Instructions. The job must meet this criteria to qualify. You may use our “Opportunities” page or other job search sites to find a job. If the employer is not currently enrolled with RNIP, direct them to the Employers page.
  1. Undergo the employer screening process. This may include an interview with the employer, reference checks, etc.
  1. Receive a qualifying job offer from the employer on IRCC form IMM 5984. You and employer need to work together to complete this step.*
  1. Complete the IRCC form IMM 5911 and RNIP Candidate Application Form. Gather all the requested documents indicated on the Moose Jaw RNIP Document Checklist.
  1. Submit your completed application package to info@moosejawrnip.ca. The Program Coordinator will assess your eligibility using the federal eligibility and community criteria points system. Check the Intake Period Schedule to ensure that you submit your application during a designated intake period time. The complete application includes:
    1. IMM 5984- Offer of Employment
    2. IMM 5911- Schedule 1
    3. RNIP Candidate Application Form
    4. Supporting documents
    5. Moose Jaw RNIP Document Checklist
  1. Eligible candidates will be contacted for an RNIP interview to confirm their intent to reside in the community. Candidates deemed ineligible will be informed by the Program Coordinator.
  1. After the interview, the RNIP Selection Committee makes a final decision on your application. The Committee meets on a monthly basis and makes one of three decisions:
    1.  Approve your RNIP application
    2. Place your RNIP application on hold
    3. Decline your RNIP application

    If placed on hold, you will remain under consideration for up to 6 months after applying. While on hold, your application will be considered for Community Recommendation each month. At the end of 6 months you will no longer be considered, but can re-apply to RNIP if you choose.**

  1. The Program Coordinator will notify you of the Selection Committee’s decision. Successful candidates will receive an RNIP Community Recommendation form (IMM 0112). This form is valid for 6 months and is required for making a permanent residency application.
  1. Submit your permanent residency application directly to IRCC before your RNIP Community Recommendation expires. Follow IRCC’s guide and document checklist very carefully.
  1. Once you have submitted your PR application, you may be eligible to apply for a work permit. A work permit would allow you (and your family, if desired) to come to Moose Jaw and start work while you are waiting for a decision on your permanent resident application. As with the PR application, IRCC has a step-by-step guide for work permit applicants.
  1. You and your family can begin life in Moose Jaw once your temporary work permit or your permanent resident application is approved (whichever occurs first). The employer and/or a community representative connect you and your family with services and community connections to support your settlement.

*To complete the IMM forms, please follow IRCC’s (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) instruction guide. You will find form-specific, step-by-step instructions under Step 2: Complete the Application.

**The Selection Committee will limit the number of monthly Community Recommendations to approximately 10% of the annual allocations. When the number of candidate applications exceeds the community allocations, the Program Coordinator will rank candidates based on their assessed points. The Program Coordinator has the authority to limit the monthly Community Recommendations allocated by IRCC.

Moose Jaw RNIP has expanded its boundaries! Candidates must have a job offer within this boundary (in red) to be considered for recommendation.

See larger map here.