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Frequently Asked Questions

A: COVID-19 may impact your application to participate in the pilot, including your ability to complete a language test, attain an education credential assessment, and biometric requirements and collections procedures. For the latest information, please visit the IRCC website.

A: There are several stages to the application process through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot that affect processing times:

Community Recommendation Process

  • Once a candidate has a full-time job offer and has submitted a complete application to the Program Coordinator, they will get a response within about a month.

Application for Permanent Residence - Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

  • The processing of applications for permanent residence is the sole responsibility of IRCC. For more information on the process, including processing times, please visit the IRCC website.
  • For more information to support your application for permanent residence through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, please visit the IRCC website.

A: Moose Jaw will be accepting applications for community recommendation in December 2020 or as eligible job opportunities are posted.

A: The application fee for permanent residence under the Rural and Northern Immigration pilot is $1,325 CAN. This fee consists of both a processing fee ($825) and a right of permanent residence fee ($500). Additional fees apply if you have a spouse and dependents. You can find the full fee schedule here.

Candidates seeking to participate in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot may also have to pay other fees as part of the application process, such as those required to attain an education credential assessment or a language tests. Please visit the IRCC website for more information.

A: No. It is up to the candidate to create a profile through this website, apply for a qualifying job through the website, and await the employer’s decision on the selected candidate.

Vacancies from approved RNIP employers will be posted on the Opportunities tab once they are confirmed by the community.

Once an official job offer has been made, you will become eligible to submit an application for a Community Recommendation from the Moose Jaw community. See the Applicants tab for more information on the process.

A: No. Asylum claimants are not eligible to apply for permanent residence through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. Applicants must submit proof (to IRCC) that they have valid temporary resident status in Canada.

Please note that the issuance of a work permit, study permit or visitor record does not in and of itself confer temporary resident status, rather it confirms the ability of the individual to work, study or remain in Canada as a visitor.

A: Qualifying employers are not posted for public view. You can find qualifying employment opportunities under the ‘Opportunities’ subsection under the ‘Applicants’ menu. You can apply for jobs directly through this website, or you can find a job through another public job board such as saskjobs.ca or jobbank.gc.ca to find a job within the eligible boundaries. Employers can be directed to this website for more information if they are not registered to the Moose Jaw RNIP Program.