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Prairie Oasis Family Restaurant – Cook

Business Name: Prairie Oasis Family Restaurant

Job Street Location: 1650 Lakeview Rd Moose Jaw

Business Description: Restaurant

Job NOC: 63200

Skill Type/Level: TEER 3

Number of vacancies: 3

Job Hours/type:
Full time, permanent

Industry: Food Service

Salary Range: $15

• Vacation pay.

Job Overview: Cook

Job Responsibilities:

• Prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes and foods.
• Schedule and supervise kitchen helpers.
• Oversee kitchen operations.
• Maintain inventory and records of food, supplies, and equipment.
• Clean kitchen and work area
• Plan menus, determine size of food portions, estimate food requirements and costs, and monitor and order supplies.

Job Qualifications:

• At least one year of experience as a cook
• Completion of a high school diploma

Contact name and email for resume & cover letter submissions: