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APEX Construction – Construction Labourer

Business Name: APEX Construction (2124530 AB LTD)

Job Street Location: 910 West Park Boulevard, Moose Jaw

Business Description: Construction Company

Job NOC: 75110

Skill Type/Level: TEER 5

Number of vacancies: 5

Job Hours/type: 40 hrs / week, Full time, permanent

Industry: Construction

Salary Range: $22-$26 per hour

Benefits: Dental

Job Overview: Construction Labour

Job Responsibilities:

Load, unload and transport construction materials. Mix, pour and spread materials. Assist heavy equipment operators. Assist in framing houses, erecting walls and building roofs. Level earth to ne grade speciations. Remove rubble and other debris at construction sites.

Job Qualifications: Secondary school or less. High school diploma.

Work settings/conditions: Outdoors, underground, and at heights

Contact name and email for resume & cover letter submissions:

Gary Brar